La Gloire - About us

La Gloire - About us

La GLOIRE is a Romanian based private equity fund with limited corporate partners. We invest mainly in real estate, being active in the South and South East of Europe.
Our strategy provides solutions for growth and added value for our clients’ capital and offers a stable background for long term and low risk investments.

We focus on building the company on a strong foundation accessing professional resources and allocating a solid financial support.

We are focusing our investment strategy towards risk /return tradeoff, the goal being the achievement of high returns while maintaining a low risk and secured capital.
We pay a special attention on the global economy in order to take advantage on the market cycles and increase the performance of the fund.

We acquire prime properties locations and lands with high selling potential at good prices per build-able square meters.
We build high quality buildings using the best contractors and high end materials. Our local development branch, assures through our specialists a cost and quality control that makes our products very competitive on the market.

Once the property reaches its high value we sell it to investors and return the capital to our clients.

We continuously are searching for opportunities on the market and we acquire products that we can unlock an added value through our Asset Management Team reaching a satisfactory capital gain for our investors.

Our local Asset Management Company is operating and supervising all the properties, making sure that the investments are well maintained and the capital is preserved. Our team is searching for improvements and modifications of the technical and architectural aspects in order to increase the value of the assets and satisfy the latest requirements.

The goal is to deliver return and capital preservation over a long time using our intellectual and financial capital. our commitment reflects exceptional performance and integrity.

We provide a steady and warm environment for our employees that raises the value and reaches the potential of every each of them. We promote individualism and talent, we motivate the performance and we align the activity with the interests of the investors.  The success of the people makes the success of the company.